Cavaliers dominate Warriors, 52-0

By Scotty Blackwell

Lakeside pride echoed through the holler in Sibley Friday night as the class Seniors made their way across midfield in recognition of their last home game in Warrior Stadium. The happy crowd reeled at impressive high school careers and applauded as they heard of future aspirations which included business, law and even neuroscience! 

The fanfare quickly came to an end when the impressive Calvary squad of Shreveport took to the field. They were large and fast and it reflected quickly and big(ly) on the scoreboard. After winning the coin-toss, Calvary took to the air. Two plays later and it was 7-0. A pattern then forms: 

Warriors fumble kickoff return. Two plays later, the Cavs are in the end-zone. Unfortunately for Lakeside, this was the cadence of the game. And at the end of one Calvary led 28-0. 

Unable to move the ball, the Warriors would bravely play all four downs to the impending turnover.  In fact, the punters for both teams had the night off. 

More of the same, two plays and a score for the Cavs and more turnovers for Lakeside. Halftime came quickly tonight and the scoreboard said it all … 52-0.

The third quarter was a blur and the clock was a lot like a QVC toaster oven, set it and forget it. I’m not even certain I heard a whistle in the entire third, but maybe it was the great concession stand food … props to those cooks.

Lakeside saw its one and only first down of the night in the fourth, when #14 sophomore Kentravion Miller gave the crowd life and the chain-gang finally something to do.

After giving the announcer a “come on man” look from the field for giving credit to the wrong guy, Miller got to work again with another impressive gain of about 8 yards, but that’s about as good as it got. Calvary began the victory formation kneel-downs with about two minutes left and time expired. 

Congratulations, seniors! You played hard, showed great sportsmanship and set a great example for the younger guys to follow. Keep working hard and don’t quit!

Come on back next year for homecoming and tell some great stories of your years here at Lakeside. We must teach the next class our motto: It’s Still A Great Day To Be A Warrior!