Organization opens ‘Narrow Door’ online, locally

The Narrow Door

By Paige Nash

A non-profit organization out of the eastern Coachella Valley area of California called “The Narrow Door” is looking to make an impact on the Minden area this Christmas season. 

The Narrow Door co-founders, David and Kera Ramirez along with many volunteers share in the vision of uniting as one body of Christ to humbly serve and support neighbors in need. They do this in a variety of ways such as providing free public assistance in the areas of hunger relief, homelessness, clothing, hygiene and discipleship programs. This organization will specifically be focusing on providing gifts and groceries to less fortunate families in Minden this year.  

How did this organization that was founded over 1,500 miles away decide to lend a helping hand in Minden, Louisiana? 

The Narrow Door co-founder Kera Ramirez said, “We chose Minden because of the family ties that I personally have there. My sister, Mena Garrett, is a resident of Minden and has been a part of our Coachella Valley Christmas Store event here in California for the past several years. She will be using her hands-on experience and my long-distance support to make the Minden Christmas Store happen.” 

Another reason they chose Minden? 

“I chose Minden, and the surrounding areas because the poverty levels are similar to that of the areas we serve here in SoCal (Southern California), but there aren’t as many resources available as there are here in California for struggling families,” said Ramirez. “Although I moved to California 13 years ago, my heart is for the south and I want to use what I have learned here and to impact those less fortunate communities in the areas that mean a lot to me and my family, as well.” 

This may be the first-time hearing about The Narrow Door, but it is not their first time supporting the Minden community. Just this past summer, they granted $2,000 to Joe LeBlanc’s Summer Feeding Program. 

They want to continue making a positive impact on Minden, but they will need the community’s support to ensure the inaugural Minden Christmas Store is a success.  

They are asking for those that are willing and able to assist by dropping off new/unopened gifts for ages 0-18 years at the Minden Family Care Center located at 208 Morris Drive in Minden.  

“We are also hoping to provide a $50 grocery gift card to the registered families. They can be dropped off at the clinic as well, or tax-deductible financial contributions can be donated online through our secure website for the purchase of those gift cards,” said Ramirez. 

The Narrow Door was founded in 2009 as an extension of the Coachella Valley Christmas Store by mother and son duo, Sue and David Ramirez. Originally the organization was established with the hopes of bringing churches, groups, organizations and families together to serve the impoverished and food insecure families in eastern Coachella Valley but has broadened its reach. 

David married his wife Kera in 2010 and together they have 5 children who have joined in serving Jesus and their community through the Narrow Door organization.  

David will be in Minden on Sunday, December 17, to help distribute gifts to local families in need.  

Monetary donations for gifts and grocery purchases can be made by scanning the QR code below.