Baucum-Farrar Stadium Improved With New Lighting

North Webster High School’s Baucum-Farrar Stadium recently underwent a renovation to improve and gain up-dated lighting.

The lights were made possible through a grant from the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Communications between Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell’s office and Webster Parish Police Jurors Daniel Thomas and Bruce Blanton initiated the grant talks and parties on both sides were eager to work together to make the improvements happen.

Blanton brought the grant proposal to North Webster High School Principal Gabe Lyons, Webster Parish School Board member Margaret Edens, and Head Football Coach of North Webster High School John Ware. Once Mr. Blanton proposed the grant to the group, talks for a plan and timeline were developed and the plan was implemented. There is much enthusiasm and appreciation for the efforts of this grant by all parties involved.

Webster Parish Schools Superintendent Johnny Rowland said, “We are extremely appreciative of the generous grant provided by the Public Service Commission and specifically, Mr. Foster Campbell. New lighting at our football stadium has been much needed and now it’s a reality. I know I join with the entire community of North Webster Parish by saying ‘thank you!’ Thank you for investing in the students of our school system!”

Police Juror Daniel Thomas added, “North Webster High School (Baucum-Farrar Stadium) has had one of the best, if not the best, field and stadium for a school of its size for many years. With the installation of the new lights, it will really showcase what a jewel we have. I really want to thank Commissioner Foster Campbell and all of his colleagues for their support. This would not have happened without their help.”

Additionally, Police Juror Bruce Blanton said, “I would like to thank Foster Campbell for making it possible for North Webster High School to have a lighting system that is second to none anywhere and will save on power and maintenance cost for 25 years plus.”

“This project took a lot of people and moving parts to get accomplished. We are very proud to get updated lighting at North Webster High School’s Baucum-Farrar Stadium. We are also very thankful for Foster Campbell and this investment in the North Webster Parish community,” Principal Gabe Lyons commented about the lighting grant project.

Head Football Coach John Ware said, “From everyone that we have spoken with, these are the original lights that were installed on the football field. Not only does these lights improve visibility, but the removal of the old poles from the sidelines addressed some safety concerns.”

The grant for the new lights totaled $385,000. Baucum-Farrar’s new stadium lights were unveiled during the first home football game on 9/3/2021.

Pictured are Superintendent of Webster Parish Schools Superintendent Johnny Rowland, WPSB member Margaret Edens, NWHS Principal Gabe Lyons, NWHS Head Football Coach John Ware, Webster Parish Police Jury Members Daniel Thomas and Bruce Blanton, and Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.