Webster Junior High football building a team, molding responsible young men

By Josh Beavers

Minden High School notched its 500th regular season win Friday on a cool late summer night in the Pit.

The Tiders who put together that win have, by and large, been with one another since their early days, and the first taste of football many of them had came over on the practice field at Webster Junior High.

The Wolves have been prepping future Minden High players for a long time, and the man in charge of the Junior High program now wants to do more. His desire is for every young man he sends across town to be ready and able to help brings wins and pride to the community.

“The team is coming along very well,” second-year coach Rodario Rogers told The Journal in an interview last week. “The 8th grade team has the potential to make a lot of noise this year and in the near future. The 7th grade team has a lot of potential, but they are very inconsistent when it comes to being at practice. Our 8th and 7th grade team needs to mature a lot more for us to reach our main goal. Our 6th grade team has players that can help improve boththe 8th and 7th grade teams. Overall we have a lot of work to do to become a better team.”

Becoming a better team. That is an important line. Team over self. Team over the individual. That’s the message Rogers wants to send to the young men under his tutelage.

We asked him why he loves coaching:

“I love to make the kids day. I know a lot of the kids go through a lot at home and just being able to see them laugh and smile makes my day. I just want to provide them with the education and knowledge they need to become asuccessful young man. Coaching gives me the opportunity to do so.”

The impact a good coach can have on a young person’s life is immeasurable. That’s why Rogers thinks it’s important for all students to give sports a try.

“I believe that it is important because sports can teach kids a lot about life in the real world,” he told us. “Sports canteach kids patience, how to follow rules, teamwork, respect and responsibility.”

As for the season, Rogers said the team faces some well coached teams that have operated the same way every year.

“So, we are basically the new kid on the block that plans on taking some whippings and handing some out as well,” he said. “Eventually we will be operating at their pace, too.”

He said there are numerous ways for the community to get involved with the team and school.

“We just want the community to come together and support the kids at our games,” he said. “The community can getinvolved by following our Webster Jr. High Football Facebook page and participate in all sport activities at Webster Jr.High School.”

He also wanted to thank the Webster alumni.

“Ya’ll are the people that keep us going every day,” he said. “Without your knowledge and dedication, we wouldn’t beable to provide for our team. Just hearing your stories about how this program used to be pushes me and my staff to make this program great again.”

The Wolves will play at North Desoto tonight. The first home game is next week against Rusheon. Game is at Minden High at 5 p.m. on Sept 21.