Know your job and do it

Dear Mayor and City Council Members:

I have been reluctant to speak my mind over the actions/inaction of our City Government for fear of retribution as far as my job goes. I am no longer willing to remain silent. It has been painfully clear from the beginning of this administration that there was a mutual hatred (and, sadly, I find that that is the only appropriate word to use) on all sides of this problem. Things have been so blatantly disrespectful at times, that it is hard to buy the argument that it was over a simple disagreement on a city related matter. If that wasn’t enough, there have been what I believe to be coordinated attacks/public shaming of both the Mayor and the Council in very dramatic fashion at recent Council Meetings. This lack of honor and integrity has harmed our City and its ability to represent the citizens and City employees fairly.

But when it comes down to something as straight forward as approving the previous council meeting’s minutes, it only proves to further shine a very bright light on the pettiness and lack of even the slightest willingness to work together to advance our City, when the same Council Members repeatedly refuse to approve them. You were not elected to like each other, but there is an expectation that, as adults and our representatives, you would act with integrity and honesty.

At the moment, the item of contention is the City Budget. This affects every citizen and every employee at the very root of our livelihoods. It has put our jobs and our departments at risk and for what reason? Bickering like kids on the playground fighting over the ball has made us a laughing stock and an embarrassment. If you want to do the Mayor’s job, then run for Mayor at the next election, but until then know what your job is and DO IT. The people that love this town and want the best for it are not being served. I believe it is time for everyone to stop and think about the cost of their action/inaction. It is time for everyone to stop and think about the infantile behavior that is causing our City to be a bad joke and an embarrassment.

Because this group seems incapable or unwilling to work together with others, the City has lost our long time Auditor. To say that this is not a big deal that will have long reaching effects on the city, is to be very naïve. They were very professional and over the years had a familiarity with the City and its operations. To not pass the budget affects every employee and every department. There was a time when working for the City meant a degree of job security. With the uncertainty over the budget (or lack thereof) and the complete willingness of some of our City leaders to basically hold the City and its employees hostage….. that job security is gone. We have had to delay approving grants that cost the City nothing, but would help the City tremendously. There have been things that have been delayed or lost because of a lack of effort to understand the role that they play in these matters and to come to the Council Meetings with knowledge of the subject. We recently lost two crucial employees because of the foolishness that has been exhibited publicly. When will enough damage be enough?

In closing, I would like to implore all of you to put your differences aside and work together for the sake of our beloved town. It is what you were elected to do. The divisiveness and disrespect is getting us nowhere fast. It is your job to promote and advance Minden, but you are doing nothing but tearing it apart. I pray for each and every one of you to find it in your hearts and get past your dislike for each other. We all want what is best for Minden…….this IS NOT IT!


Rebecca C. (Becky) White

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