Man batters mother, daughter; endangers child

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A Minden man is in Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center after local law enforcement arrested him for battering two women.

Lorenzo Cornelius, 53, of the 2300 block of Hwy. 532, has been charged with domestic abuse battery with strangulation, child endangerment and simple battery.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said Lt. Chris Hammontree and Lt. Brandon Curry were dispatched to the 1300 block of Young Street last week in reference to a domestic disturbance.

“Officers found a woman standing in the roadway with a young child,” Cropper said. “The woman was yelling and screaming, pointing toward East Street and saying someone ran that way.”

Reportedly, the woman told officers “they” were her daughter and her ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Cornelius. Officers began to search for the pair.

“Lt. Curry observed the younger female emerging from a wooded area at the dead end of Knight Street,” said the chief. “She was covered in dirt and leaves and appeared to be in a battered state.”

Cropper said the younger female told officers that when she arrived at her residence, she heard her mother yelling from inside. When she attempted to enter the residence, she found the doors locked. She then reportedly pounded on the door until Cornelious answered.

“Once inside, she instructed Cornelius to leave, but he refused to exit the residence and began to batter the younger woman,” Cropper said. “Her mother then intervened in an attempt to get Cornelius to leave the residence, but he still failed to comply.”

Cropper said during this time, someone yelled the police were on their way. Cornelius obtained the younger female’s cell phone and fled the residence. When she realized he had her cell phone, she reportedly pursued him.

“The two ran to the dead end of Knight Street where she was thrown to the ground and punched multiple times with a closed fist,” said the chief. “Once they heard sirens, Cornelius stopped battering her, dropped her phone and fled the area.”

The older female reportedly told officers she was outside with her grandson when Cornelius came to the residence in an attempt to obtain some items. After she wouldn’t allow him to enter, he pretended to leave.

“After traveling a short distance, his vehicle stopped. Cornelius exited and started to walk toward Talton Street,” Cropper said. “The first woman continued playing with her grandson in the front yard. After a while she went back inside the residence and heard movement from her bedroom. When she investigated the noise, Cornelius grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto the bed.”

Cropper said once on the bed, the subject continued to hold her down by the neck. At that point, the grandson entered the room and began to cry.

“Cornelius grabbed the child and threw him on the bed,” said the chief. “In doing so, the woman was able to break free from his grasp. They then began to argue and engage in a physical altercation that ended when the younger female began beating on the door.”

Officers reported both women appeared in a battered state; the mother had red marks around her neck and chest area, while her daughter limped and was covered in dirt and grass.

They reportedly located Cornelius Friday on Carolina Street.

“Post Miranda, Cornelius said he was at the scene, but the women attacked him,” Cropper said.

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