BDCC prisoner fails escape attempt

By Bonnie Culverhouse

An incident at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center Saturday resulted in multiple charges for a potential escapee.

Travis Wayne West, 42, of the 500 block of Searles St., Minden, was arrested during incarceration at BDCC on 2 counts of battery of a corrections officer, disarming of a peace officer, resisting an officer with force (3 counts), aggravated escape and simple criminal damage to property.

Webster Parish Sheriff Jason Parker said West was in holding while his cell was cleaned.

“When one of the corrections officers opened the door to talk to West,” Parker said. “West shoved the door into the officer, and they began fighting.”

Parker said West ran toward the door in the booking area and tried to pull open the door exiting the facility. The officer attempted to grab West, who began punching and striking the officer.

“They were engaged in a physical altercation for several minutes,” the sheriff said. “A female deputy tried to get to a taser to help subdue West, but West grabbed her and placed her in a choke hold.”

While choking one deputy, West grabbed the taser and pointed at the face of the other deputy.

“A third deputy came from the back of the area and removed West from the choke hold,” Parker said. “He had to forcefully place West into handcuffs, which took several minutes since West was still resisting.”

The sheriff said the booking area of the prison was also damaged. EMS reportedly was called to the scene, as the female deputy had neck pain from the choking and the first deputy was suffering from lacerations and bruises to his hands and face.

Parker said the entire prison was never on lockdown. There are 615 prisoners, counting the ones on the fourth floor of the Webster Parish Courthouse. He has 85 to 89 guards, working 12-hour shifts.

“Being a deputy at BDCC is hard,” Parker said. “Protecting and serving. I’m very proud of how they reacted. They did exactly what they are trained to do.”