Survey cards overwhelmingly deny $5 increase for first responder raises

By Bonnie Culverhouse

In order for the City of Minden to give raises to first responders, they will have to find another way.

By more than 66 percent, resident utility payers gave a thumbs down to having $5 added to their monthly bills to subsidize the raise, according to Interim City Clerk Michael Fluhr.

“Of 6,746 survey cards mailed out, as of October 30, 725 were returned,” Fluhr told council members during Monday’s meeting. “Sixteen of the 725 did not qualified to be counted for various reasons.”

Fluhr said two voted “yes” and “no.” Two were cards from the same resident. Three cards had no names, account numbers or votes. Three were inactive accounts. Six accounts had no vote selection, although they did have their names and account numbers.

“That leaves 709 cards,” he said. “Two hundred and forty cards were in favor of adding $5 to the utility bill. Four hundred sixty-nine cards indicated a ‘no.’”

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