Springhill PD releases Oct. report

For the month of October Springhill Police responded to 278 calls and complaints.

Four people were arrested for Disturbing the Peace, 1 DWI, 1 Aggravated Assualt, 8 Domestic Violence, 5 Thefts, 1 for Disturbing the Peace by Fighting, 4 Criminal Trespassing, 1 Shoplifting, 2 for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1 person for  2nd Degree Battery, 1 for Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery 2 counts, 2 Simple Criminal Damage to Property, 1 person for 2 counts of Distribution of Methamphetamine, 1 person for Distribution of Sch I (Liquid Marijuana), 1 person for Attempted Kidnapping, 1 Open Container, 1 person for Possession of Sch II (Methamphetamine), Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

The police department worked 10 crashes on highways and city streets and 9 private property accidents.

The following traffic tickets were issued in the Month of October: 1 for no Drivers License, 1 for no vehicle registration, 2 for Speeding, 1 for No vehicle Insurance, 2 for Careless Operation, 1 for have blue lights on a personal vehicle, 1 for Disturbing the peace by playing loud music, 1 failure to report an accident, 4 for Possession of Sch I (Marijuana) and 1 ticket for running a stop sign.

These are the following tickets for city ordinances that were violated:  20 tickets were issued for Unlawful Storage of Junk on property, 1 ticket was issued for having high grass and 1 ticket issued for living in a house without water service.

The breakdown of the arrests are such: 10 white males, 15 black males, 4 white females and 2 black females.