Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

It’s that time of the year when good will should reign supreme and every person looks forward to the good things that fill stockings and take up residence beneath a well-decorated tree. At the Rocker residence, even the constantly occupied front porch is showing seasonal signs.

It’s also the time when wish lists are prepared. With just a few shopping days remaining before sleigh bells signal the arrival of the man in red, your favorite occupant is mulling the few items that would bring a cheery Ho Ho from the belly.

Since just about every Christmas ad emphasizes the pride one can achieve by shopping locally, we’re  dishing up our list with a local flavor.

One gift Rocker would cherish is a simple “yea” vote from a couple of city council members when asked to approve the minutes of previous meetings. Not since Moby Dick was a tadpole have the District B and C “representatives” cast a positive vote on something so innocuous. 

Rocker is most curious. What’s in these minutes that creates the need to do the horizontal head shake? No explanations are offered, and that makes it fair to speculate. Rocker’s sources say the minutes are an accurate account of each meeting, quotes included. We thinks the problem is once words escape the mouth, they cannot be reclaimed. Might be wise to think before speaking rather than trying to vote the words out of existence.

Another present Rocker would appreciate is an explanation. At last meeting, council turned down a proposed curfew ordinance and another that would address distressed property. Now we understand why someone might not want to see a teen curfew. Limiting hours limits opportunity for mischief and worse. And, after all, this is the land of opportunity.

One comment during discussion of curfews Rocker found disturbing came during a workshop. A friend told us one person said if his children wanted to be out in the wee hours of the mornings, it was their right to do so as long as the parents didn’t mind. OK. Let’s allow the kids to wander whenever and wherever they please, but hold the parent responsible for any negative action that results from those journeys.

About the distressed structures. Leave them alone. In fact, assign city crews to give each building a little help in getting more dilapidated. Then, when Hollywood wants to shoot movies that require scenes of destruction, we’ve got their site wrecking-ball ready. Gives each building a purpose, and does a little a bit for economic development in our town.

With apologies to the author of one of our favorite Christmas carols, Rocker’s biggest wish is to have every neighborhood in our city celebrate a silent night, every night. For reasons no one can seem to explain, nighttime in Minden often resembles Dodge City after dark. Gunshots are too frequent; senseless injury (and tragic death) are the result.

One of Rocker’s friends (yes, Virginia, we do have a couple) told us about the recent prayer vigil held near a local elementary school. Purpose was to bring attention to the shooting problem and to create a sense of community unity in seeking solutions. Imagine our surprise, and consternation, when we learned that one city council member who represents an area impacted by these shootings was only interested in whether or not the vigil would be held on school property. Naturally, that council member did not attend.

But, he wasn’t alone in his absence. Only two of the five council members attended, we’re told, and those absentees represent the shooting gallery. If this is the example of leadership, we’re in sad shape.

Enough. Rocker’s wish for each of you is peace and prosperity, health and happiness. During this very special season, we hope each of you will remember who and why we celebrate. As my ol’ pappy would say, go out each day and perform one small act of kindness. 

And, do something special for those who are less fortunate. It’s especially Christmas-like to make young ones happy because smile on the face of a child heals a hole in your soul. 

From our front porch to yours, Merry Christmas.

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