Unhappy ex ruins holiday

By Bonnie Culverhouse

An unhappy ex-boyfriend made Christmas Day less than merry for several people.

Joseph Warren Lewis, 23, of the 100 block of Eisenhower St., Minden, was arrested by Minden Police for home invasion and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Off. Jason Smith was flagged down in front of a S. Middle Landing resident by two females, one of whom said Lewis had just left her residence.

“She said Lewis had been there without authorization and pointed a firearm at them,” Cropper said. “They identified Lewis and told the officer which direction he took when he left.”

Cropper said Smith drove his unit on Yale St. toward S. Fairview and caught up with Lewis.

“Lewis was running on Yale St., and just prior to the intersection, Off. Smith was able to pull his unit in front of him,” said the chief. “Smith exited his vehicle and drew his service pistol, telling Lewis to stop and put his hands on the hood of the unit.”

Sgt. Mitch Hackett and Off. Kayla Little were also on the scene. Hackett reportedly held his gun on Lewis, while Smith handcuffed and searched him.

“Smith located a 9MM pistol, one magazine and 16 rounds of 9MM ammunition in Lewis’ front hoodie pocket,” Cropper said.

At that point, two females and a male from the S. Middle Landing location reportedly arrived.

“They told Off. Smith that one of the females and Lewis were exes and have a child together,” Cropper said. “Lewis was recently making threats toward the male who was present because he now has a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.”

Witnesses told police that when Lewis entered the residence on S. Middle Landing, it was without permission. He reportedly pointed his gun at four persons inside the residence.

“They all stated Lewis was ‘scanning’ the room with the pistol,” Cropper said.

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