From Facebook to cookbook  

Photo by Southern Shutter Photography

By Paige Nash

When Ashley Madden Rowton started her Facebook group, The Copper Whisk, more than 3 years ago she never imagined she would be putting together a cookbook to share with the world. Her love of eating turned into a love for cooking, which turned into a love for sharing.  

“I began sharing recipes from the circus that is my kitchen,” Rowton said, “I never would have imagined that people love the sharing of recipes as much as they tell me that they do. It has been extremely rewarding.”  

After sharing her recipes for a little while, “The Copper Whisk” Facebook members began suggesting she put together a cookbook. She had no lack of encouragement from this constant group of supporters, many of whom she has never even met. With their support, along with her husband, family and friends, she began the process of gathering, sorting and organizing a collection of her favorite recipes.  

“I decided to go for it,” Rowton said. 

Ashley’s sister-in-law, owner of Southern Shutter Photography, took the photos used to bring her recipes to life. While her friends, Rachel and Patrick Miller, owners of Parish Design Co. helped to design and develop “The Copper Whisk” website.

“When Ashley started working on her cookbook, she was quick to reach out about developing a web solution,” said Rachel. “We wanted to make sure the website was easy to use, matched Ashley’s aesthetic and provided a set of tools to fulfill orders as they came in.” 

This has been a long yet rewarding process from start to finish.

“I really do feel that cooking and serving others is a love language I have been able to tap into. I have filled my cup through this process,” Rowton said. “If nothing else, it would be something I could have for my 3 boys one day.”

She describes her sons as “countertop babies,” always helping in any way that they can, and says they are the reason she loves to cook. 

Spending time together in the kitchen is a family tradition, after all. Ashley remembers both of her grandmothers and parents cooking when she was growing up and they always let her in on the action.

“Being able to be a part of the process was just something we did,” she said, “and it has carried forward for me in the most satisfying way.”  

If you order “The Copper Whisk” cookbook you will find it to be 200 pages worth of Southern home-style cooking through and through. Many are family recipes that have been passed down and staples at her personal dinner table and holiday celebrations.  

You will find recipes named, “Dad’s Pork Chops,” “Mom’s Brownies,” “The Best from Heaven Brown Sugar Caramel Cake,” and her hands down favorite, “Minnie Porter’s Chicken and Dumplings.” 

If this sounds like your kind of cooking (and eating), this full color, binder-style cookbook is available for pre-order for $34.99. It can be ordered now through “The Copper Whisk” website and is expected to arrive sometime in June. They will be available to ship or pick-up locally at Parish Design Co. In Minden.  

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