It’s Showtime, starring …?

Don’t mean to rock on everyone’s bubble wrap, but this new-fangled social media often gets downright unsocial when an opinion differing from those of our local self-appointed stringpullin’ power brokers is aired. 

Speaking of aired, let’s talk a bit about the upcoming HGTV extravaganza featuring our hometown and it’s much ballyhooed makeover of selected (or is that, anointed) sites. We’re led to believe by the SASPB that these sites were chosen by HGTV staffers from applications submitted for their perusal.

Now you all know Rocker ain’t one to repeat gossip so we’ll simply pass along some information gleaned from your basic anonymous sources. More than one says there was no public knowledge of an application process needed to be considered for the show. We’re told the preferred exposures were preordained by a “selection” committee and passed along to contacts within the cable network.

If true, that explains some things. We had figured the makeover of this downtown eatery wasn’t ‘that bad a choice, seeing as how ambiance goes a long way toward making a sit-down meal a pleasant experience. But it would be nice to know how many, if any, other older establishments were considered. We may be better off not knowing.

Rocker is more than a little befuddled, however, over the choice of the show’s selection of a hometown hero. We’ve managed to sit through the first couple of offerings of the show and thought the individuals featured were fine. 

One has to wonder, though, what makes the economic development director of Ruston a Minden hometown hero to be rewarded with a home renovation project, no matter how minor. Just guessin’, but could he have been picked because of the way he kept his cool while getting hosed by the city council? We’ll ask the producers; those with the network and their local advisors.

Via the social media, we learn the Minden episode will be seen late in May. We’re told it’s going to be the last presentation of the season because the network is saving the best for last. We did a little checking with our favorite movie and television producer/director to verify that strategy.

Our childhood friend, Cecil B. DeMilleaux,  said he had always tried to run his best shows first to grab the viewer’s interest. That doesn’t mean his final offering wasn’t top notch, it’s just his way of doing things. HGTV has a good track record with these venues and we hope Minden’s offering will indeed be one of its best. 

Back to this social media thing: We’ve followed comments on this upcoming show and unfortunately snarkasm is piled high and wide if anybody thinks HGTV’s deal is anything but the greatest event since Moses waved his staff. Please, folks, let the lesser among us speak. Surely you can forgive a little doubt. Real leaders know magnanimous is more persuasive than malevolence. 

We do hope the episode brings a lot of positives to Minden. We need all we can get. But, at the same time, we hope these expectations aren’t being pumped full of helium. We’re led to believe this hour-long promotional will bring visitors from Moose Jaw to Tick Faw to get a look at our fair city. 

It will be cool if our streets fill with tourists and their money. It  will be good for everyone. Hopefully, these outsiders will also bring some insight that might help more than the few who seem to want to be in control. 

Maybe outsiders will ask if there are plans for more accommodations for travelers; if there is room for more than a handful of locally-owned restaurants featuring something that’s not fast food; if there’s something other than two picturesque gazebos that are photo-worth; if there’s anything that looks better through a windshield than a rearview mirror.

We love the adage, “Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it.” We should all be in the business of getting it done, and doing so without worrying about who gets the credit. Or, the blame.


9 thoughts on “It’s Showtime, starring …?

  1. I have no doubt that this will generate additional tourists to our fair town. I question whether or not our city Council is truly concerned with generating tourism dollars and creating incremental revenue for our city. Seems to me we’re focused on preserving the past not moving into the future.

  2. I’m really curious about how came to build a Lincoln log playground on a piece of privately owned property.

  3. Goodness the haterade and jealousy runs thick in this town. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’m personally happy to see any upgrades to any part of Minden. Everyone wants a handout but nobody wants to do the work. Everyone always wants to create drama around anything. I think minden deserves all the facelifts it can get and if it generates business to our local businesses that’s the best outcome. So many out of towners have already started coming through. I think it’s great. People need to stop being overly dramatic and be happy

  4. Why did HGTV help people that really needed it ? There are plenty of low income families that could have used assistance. What is wrong, the rich get richer. Someone do something to help .

  5. People in Minden are hateful if you don’t fit in to their clicks. So much corruption in this town. Wake up folks

  6. Seems to me that the things that were chosen to be remodeled or revitalized were needed. Ie.. Geaux Fresh. However, the house could have been chosen from people that had nothing to do with government officials that had something to do with bringing HGTV here in the first place. Even if that family was deserving. Shops, Museum’s, and other restaurants could have been shown to help boost tourism for sure.

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