Silence isn’t golden 

We’re trying very hard to keep this family-oriented (as in no baddie words) so let’s just say your favorite Rocker is suffering from a massive urinary tract irritation. Why, we hope you ask? A couple of issues.

We read that “multiple” shots were fired at a vehicle belonging to one of Minden’s best reasons to smile; a person whose success could produce a Horatio Alger book. Police report a car belonging to professional footballer J.J. Sneed was riddled with bullets last week…in broad daylight, shortly before high noon.

Fortunately, no one was hit. Fortunately, J.J. was not driving the vehicle at the time. Unfortunately, police cannot yet determine if he might have been the target of the attack.

We hear the shots were fired from another vehicle. We also hear the multiple shots, allegedly fired from a “large” weapon, were capped in a neighborhood where two, count ’em, two public schools–J.L. Jones and J.A. Phillips–were in session. The schools house kindergarten through third grades; both were within a couple of blocks from the scene of the shooting. 

While the incident is disgusting, it could have been tragic. Bullets are as brainless as those who pulled the trigger. Bullets could easily travel the distance to the schools, not to mention any residence that may have been in proximity to the incident. We’ve already lost a three-year-old to drive-by gunfire. The potential of losing another child, or anyone, should cause a shiver of disgust.

A brazen, broad-daylight shooting is bad enough. What makes this incident shameful is the seeming lack of cooperation from the public in assisting police investigators. We hear from some in the affected community that witness information is not easily obtained. 

We can understand why people may hesitate to talk openly with police. They must live in their neighborhoods, often alongside the perpetrators. The ones who commit these acts of violence don’t look kindly on “snitches” and fear of reprisal for sharing information is a strong deterrent. And we know, as do the criminals, that police officers can’t be everywhere. 

Still, someone in our community knows something. These acts of violence can be stopped, but it requires individuals who believe Minden deserves better and are willing to unite to end this senseless violence. 

Public cooperation with law enforcement is critical. Give our officers a chance to protect us. Let them know what you know. Together, malum non vincet nos…evil will not defeat us.

Final thoughts: There are no words to describe the unspeakable tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. We pray for the families and friends of the victims, and for the entire city. We also pray that those who want to politicize this horror will think rationally. Finger-pointing and opposition blaming does nothing to solve this disease that plagues our society.

Also, we just heard that Mayor Terry Gardner is in for the fight of his life, for his life. Prayer vigils are being held. Individual prayers are going up. There’ll be plenty coming from this rockin’ chair. May our great God, through His son Jesus Christ, give our mayor healing and bring comfort to him and his family.