Apaches claim Bearkats’ pelts 42-14

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

The Apaches traveled to Bossier City to take on the Bossier High School Bearkats on Friday night. The matchup was the first official away game of the season for the Apaches, and as mentioned by Glenbrook Football Head Coach David Feaster in a post game interview, “The Apaches did just about everything well, especially for being up against a large 4A team.” 

Seniors Tre Kent, Maddox Mandino and DJ Carter represented the Apaches as the team captains for the night. The Bossier Bearkats won the toss and elected to receive the ball. Ty Feaster started the game with an onside kick that was quickly recovered by the Apaches. After a short series of plays, the Apaches were able to strike first with a touchdown pass from Ty Feaster to Landry Powell only 23 seconds into the game. Feaster scored the extra point for the Apaches, giving them an early lead of 7-0.

The Bearkats took over the ball, but the Apaches quickly overpowered Bossier’s offense when Dayton Sims made a huge interception to return the ball to the Apaches. The Bearkats turned over on downs, allowing the Apaches to show their strength with a series of handoffs and passes that moved the ball down the field as a result of plays by Cason Clemons, Chase Sentell, and Carter, who scored the second touchdown. Feaster once again scored the extra point, moving the Apaches to a 14-0 lead with 5:31 left in the first quarter.

After the Bearkats took over the ball at the 20 yard line, Rhett Johnson, Jonathon Bryant, and Jackson Waller caused a turnover as a result of their strong defensive efforts. The Apaches moved the ball towards the end zone by the speed of Mandino and Turner McLelland. Feaster and Clemons worked cohesively, earning the Apaches another touchdown and expanding the lead to 21-0. During plays by Bossier’s offense, Senior Toby Haulmark made a hard hit, causing a fumble for the Bearkats.  The Apaches recovered the ball, ending the first quarter. Throughout the entire first quarter the Apaches showed a strong offense, which Coach Feaster included was very important because “coming out of last week, they needed to play very well.”

Only 12 seconds into the second quarter, Feaster handed off the ball to Mandino for the fourth Apache touchdown of the night. The score became 28-0 after Feaster’s successful field goal. The Bearkats took over the ball on the 30 yard line and moved the ball into striking position at the 21 yard line. Sims stepped up again with excellent defensive coverage, and kept Bossier from scoring. The Bearkats attempted a field goal, but the Apache defense blocked the kick. Coach Feaster expressed that Glenbrook’s defense was strong last week, and they played very well and very strong again tonight. The Apache offense then took over the ball, and Feaster made multiple passes to Carter, Sentell, and Clemons, who scored a touchdown with 6:33 left until halftime. The score increased to 35-0. The Bearkats took over the ball, but fumbled it in the end zone, attracting a host of Apaches falling on the ball. Mason Farnell recovered the ball scoring an Apache touchdown, changing the score to 42-0 at the conclusion of the second quarter. Coach Feaster revealed Farnell as one of the standouts of the night as a result of his quick recovery. Coach Feaster mentioned “to be up on a 4A team 42-nothing at half time is just amazing,” which encouraged the players. 

Bossier had possession to start the third quarter. Johnson, who was also noted as a standout by Coach Feaster, soon intercepted the ball. The Apache offense stormed back on the field, but Bossier soon regained the ball and was successful in gaining yardage. Bossier moved into scoring position by a series of passes, but the ball was intercepted by Kent in the end zone. The Apaches took over the ball and a quick pass was made from Powell to Haulmark. The score remained 42-0 throughout the third quarter.

To start the fourth quarter, the JV team took the field. Bossier took over, scoring for the first time with 6:39 left in the game. In the last few minutes of the game, the Bearkats recovered an onside kick, but fumbled the ball. Trey Yetman recovered the fumble, but Bossier soon intercepted the ball and ran for a touchdown with 0:39 left in the game, and scored a 2-point conversion making the final score 42-14. 

The Apaches showed determination and teamwork and had “a great night overall” as mentioned by Coach Feaster. The Apache season has been very successful thus far resulting in a 2-0 record. On Friday September 16 at 7 p.m., the Glenbrook Apaches will take on Delta Charter School for the third game of the season. 

Photo by Emily Glasscock

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