Lakeside posts some crazy stats in 46-12 win over Ringgold

By Josh Beavers

 For the second week in a row, I’m writing about a Lakeside football game where words just can’t accurately capture what happened if the audience wasn’t on hand to see it for themselves.

 But maybe numbers can. 







 End of the first half. 

How about those numbers? Here’s another stat: Lakeside had more onside kick recoveries in the first half than their opponent, the Ringgold Redksins, did yards. 

 I repeated that comment four times in my Facebook Live halftime update for the Journal. So I’ll write it once more here. Lakeside had more onside kick recoveries in the first half than their opponent, the Ringgold Redksins, did yards. 

 Wow. And. Remarkable. 

 Lakeside ended up beating Ringgold 46-12 as the clock never stopped running in the second half. Ringgold put up some points in the final two quarters thanks in large part to coach Mike Santelices taking out most of his first-teamers before the intermission. 

 But before taking an early break, the Warriors were led by so many players making big plays that it’s hard to know where to begin. 

 So I’m going to go back to that crazy stat about the onside kicks. Senior Ty Maness may have staked a claim to a gig in the NFL with his pinpoint accuracy directing every one of those five onside kicks to Lakeside recoveries. 

Ty set up the Lakeside offense to add more points with each successful attempt. But before even the first one, Ty was leading the Warrior Red Swarm defense. 

Tamarjah Ferrell, Jacobe Rankin and Nate Maness had tackles for loss before the senior linebacker, Ty again, sacked the Ringgold quarterback. 

 Cooper Chase connected with James Maxie for a touchdown a few plays later and then Cooper ran in for a two-point conversion for the first points of the game. 

 Onside kicks paved the way for a 41-yard touchdown pass from Cooper to Rodney Smith and then another Cooper Chase to James Maxie scoring connection. There was a Ty Maness fumble recovery wedged in there, and then Rokedrick Smith had a rushing touchdown and Rodney Smith caught another scoring pass. 

 The final score of the half, and the last from the Warriors, came on the arm of Cooper Chase and the legs of Cade Boley. 

 Yards covered: 50. Result: a 46-0 score as the half ended moments later. 

 Younger Warriors came in for the final two quarters and even though Ringgold scored a pair of touchdowns, the second half barely took 30 minutes to complete. It was well before 9 o’clock when the Warriors were being congratulated by friends and family. 

 The win was the first for the Warriors this year and it came on the night the school held a ribbon cutting for its new artificial turf field. It also comes one week after a travesty of officiating that lead to a loss against Arcadia. The advice then was to leave that game in the rear-view. 

 The Warriors apparently decided to do so. 

 Mr. Cammack, the school’s public address announcer, said the words “pride” and “legacy” in the final moments of the game. Those words are pretty good. They actually are better than anything I could come up with to capture the Lakeside performance on Friday night. 

 But still….

I think stats tell a little bit better tale than words for this one. So here’s one final stat for the night. 

 Ty Maness had just as many successful onside kick conversions as quarterback Cooper Chase had touchdown passes. 

 That number was five. 

Ty Maness, left, had a big night on defense and special teams and Rokedrick Smith, right, paced the Warriors ground attack as Lakeside beat Ringgold 46-12. 

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