Personnel matters top Dixie Inn agenda

By Tina Montgomery

The Board of Aldermen for the Village of Dixie Inn will have several new business items to consider when they meet today (Tuesday, October 11). Items to be discussed include personnel matters regarding the City Clerk position and hiring benefits and requirements for new police officers, and voting whether to opt in on the waiver of land use for temporary housing by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

The Board will vote to accept the resignation of City Clerk Dana James, effective October 7, 2022 and approve the hiring of Alicia Ware as the new clerk.

Recently the Board voted to approve the hiring of a new police officer. The Board had approved Police Chief James Edwards becoming a part time officer for the department and hiring a new officer to be trained as Police Chief. Hiring requirements and benefits will be reviewed for the hiring process of that new officer. 

The option to participate in the temporary housing and shelter assistance programs and waiver of land use will be decided as required by GOHSEP. Every year parishes and municipalities are required to submit the waiver form. The waiver regarding natural disasters and other emergencies addresses the statute that the local governing authority will waive any land use regulation relative to permitting for mobile homes, RVs, and temporary housing directly adjacent to the survivor’s damaged dwelling to allow for expedited temporary housing assistance in the parish.

Other new business items include renewing the warranty for the police department’s watchguard car and body cam video equipment and the purchase of a new radar unit for the department’s Tahoe.

Regular agenda items for this meeting include:

  • Adopt the minutes of the September 13, 2022 regular session
  • Department reports:
    • Water/maintenance report
    • Police report
    • Aldermen’s report
    • Mayor’s report

The Board will meet at 5 p.m. at Village Hall, located at 60 Shell Street, Dixie Inn. This meeting is open to the public.