Historically Speaking: 1920 fire destroys downtown Dubberly

By Jessica Gorman

This photograph shows downtown Dubberly as it was before it was destroyed by fire in 1920. While there seems to be a lack of detailed information about this event, it was reported in the 9 April 1920 edition of the Webster Signal that “every business house in Dubberly was destroyed by fire.”

There was debate surrounding the origin of the fire. Some believed it originated in the McCoy store while others thought it started in the Boyett store. Efforts to extinguish the flames were thwarted by the winds and the closeness of buildings. The focus then shifted to saving the contents of the buildings.

Due to the age of the newspaper, some of the business names cannot be read. However, among those listed as being involved in the fire are Connell & Batton, N. B. Boyett & Company, Richie Mercantile Company, and M. T. Worsham. This photograph is labeled with the following names: M T Worsham Barber Shop, Bessie Batton house, T C Connell Store, N H Boyett Store, W W McCoy Store, Dan Parham Saloon, Pat McCrary Store, 1885 – 1920.

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(Jessica Gorman is the Assistant Director and Archivist for the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum in Minden and is an avid genealogist.)

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