The devil’s 12 step program

 As a member of an elite tactical unit for over 15 years, I had to prepare and execute hundreds of operational orders. These are called “OPORD” and are plans of action to inform all members of the mission of five things: Situation, Mission, Execution, Sustainment, Command and Control. 

Many of these OPORD saw me as a tactical team member going through a door to arrest very violent criminals who had committed a battery of heinous crimes.

Lately I have been going back over several of these OPORDs in preparation to tell my stories of my old law enforcement life and cases to the unbelievably talented author and awesome Christian Brother of mine, Josh Beavers. Josh and I are writing a book on some of these cases and how God is at work in all of our lives.

While reviewing some of these old OPORD and criminal cases, I began thinking of what the devil would put in an OPORD with the mission being to Steal, Kill, and Destroy souls here on Earth. 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” His lies cause death and destruction: 

These are some thoughts the devil might would put in the Execution section of an OPORD:

1. The devil would make everyone believe that there is no true Living GOD and therefore no One and Only Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Messiahs, John 3:16.

2. The devil would tell everyone it is horrible, mean, demeaning, and a lie to believe the Bible. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 

3.       The devil would work to get the most courageous and bold Christian Men and Women fighting each other about small biblical debates. He would have us divided by denominational beliefs that have nothing to do with actual SALVATION.  He would keep them from charging the battle lines fulfilling the Great Commission for our Jesus in the public where the sick are, only argue the gospel with each other instead of spreading the gospel.

4.  If the devil could get the most Bold and Courageous leaders for Christ fighting each other then it would be so much easier for him to round up the sheep and to steal the one, or the thousands at this day and time, from the 99.

5. The devil would want us to believe as Christians we should have easy lives surrounded by much wealth and fortune. He would want us to live by the mantra, “THE MAN WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.”

6.  The devil would want the world to tell men they must be cowards and they must be so gentle and so loving and so caring that they wouldn’t be willing to fight and die for their wives and children AND OUR LIVING GOD, like DAVID did in 1 Samuel Chapter 30.

7.  The devil would at the very least want all Christians to think the only socially acceptable place to worship, learn about, speak of our LIVING GOD AND JESUS is the brick and mortar church on Sunday. 

8.  The devil would want to take Our LIVING GOD and JESUS out of schools so as to make it easier to brainwash kids that there really is no Living GOD and no sin in this world. In fact it’s hateful to call out sin in this world. Sin is really truly all acceptable and actually should be in everyone’s lives so as not to make others feel bad about their lives. IN FACT, SIN SHOULD BE PUT ON A PEDESTAL AND Worshipped!

9.  The devil would want people to pay companies to distort and even defy our Living GOD with the money that we give them, like Disney.

10.   The devil would want everyone medicated to feel better because no one should feel bad about themselves or their lives.

11.   The devil would spread the word to even the demons that we would all actually prefer hell over heaven because he does.

12. Last but not least, the devil would want Christians to believe that they can win their battles by voting for a color, either red nor blue, or for people that once elected have no thought process, whatsoever, to actually vote for and SPEAK FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST in the public and even blame the Government as to why they can’t fight for our JESUS.

Does this sound like a plan the devil may want to execute among us? OR HAS DONE TO US BECAUSE WE LET HIM!! JOSHUA 1:9, DEUTERONOMY 20:1, EPHESIANS 6:12.

I promise you this because since excepting this new path, task, and life as a soldier for our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, the devil walks around this world like it’s his playground and not a battlefield anymore.  He does this because the majority of Christian men are laid up in Besor Valley on the couch watching the Disney channel. Please get off the couch and off the pew and outside the brick and mortar church and charge the battle lines for our JESUS with me and the Webster Parish Men and Women of Courage.

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