Collaborative efforts sprout vegetation

By Paige Nash

The Cullen Square Senior Apartment Complex located in Cullen, just south of Springhill now has their own community garden.  

These efforts came into fruition, or should we say vegetation, following a forum held last November where several residents of the Cullen Square community as well as LSU Ag Center Webster Extension staff gathered to discuss their plans to establish the community garden. 

Last month the plans became a reality as residents, LSU AgCenter staff and 4-H Junior Leaders gathered to plant a variety of vegetables including cabbage, collards, turnip greens, potatoes, celery, beets and more.  

“I really want to brag on this project. It is a community garden that we did in collaboration with the Cullen Square Senior Apartment Complex,” said LSU Ag Center Nutrition Agent for Webster and Claiborne parishes Shakera Williams. “This is only for that complex, so when it comes time to harvest those vegetables, they will be able to benefit from that. We are just so happy and excited that we were able to be such a part of a great organization.  

This was a collaborative effort between Mrs. Denise Epps, manager of the Cullen Square Apartment Complex, residents of Cullen Square, LSU AgCenter Webster Parish Extension Office staff which included Assistant Extension Agent John Monzingo, 4-H Agent Laynie Smith and Snap and Nutrition educators Ladonna Chreene and Shakera Williams.  

Some LSUAg staff even traveled from other parishes across the state to join in on the planting, including State Snap Education Coordinator Dr. Matt Greene and Assistant Nutrition Agent Jessica Salley.