Letter to the Editor: Vietnam Veterans deserve recognition

Dear Webster Parish Journal,

I am extremely impressed with your recognition of Webster Parish residence who were killed during the Vietnam war.  Your journal is truly bestowing an honor upon these young men!  I know they must be smiling from heaven.  It is particularly touching and emotional to me because I served in Air Force during the Vietnam era.  I didn’t make it into the country of Vietnam.  But, I did make it to the Philippines and Taiwan while serving in Operation Linebacker during Vietnam in 1972.   We were responsible for supporting the refueling of many, many fighters and bombers that were desperately trying to end the war that had killed so many men and women.  God bless you for recognizing the men.  God bless the United States of America.  I pray everyday that we survive our current (so-called) liberal leadership in Washington DC.

I reside in Bossier City.  But, I grew up in Bienville Parish during the 50’s and 60’s.  Married a girl from Webster Parish.  God has blessed my family.

Keep up the good work!

Dale Jones

Bossier City