LaMa Spotlight: Ole Ranger

By Melanie Townsend

Ranger has an adventurous spirit. He was found on a busy highway in the countryside.  His little gray muzzle peaked out between the tall grass just as a big truck was barreling down the road. I honked my horn and he ran back in the woods. It was 2 more days before I would see him again off a side road but again, he disappeared into the tall grass. Several days later he had worked his way to my hayfield and found a shade tree he claimed as his own. He was skinny and covered in ticks and very scared to get close enough to touch. For 3 days I fed him and built his trust, we figured out he must have been a hunting dog in his past life. We dropped the tailgate on the truck and opened a crate and he jumped in. 

Ranger is about eight years old but has lots of energy and wants to be loved. He can be a little shy at first but once you pet him he melts to your touch. He can walk on a leash but does pull quit a bit. He is not house trained. He loves to run but doesn’t know his name and doesn’t always want to come back. He would rather chase a scent. He is a good watch dog and lets you know when someone comes around.  He loves to explore and would be a good running partner when his leash manners improve a little. Even though he is gray, he has a lot of love to give and a good life to live.  He loves treats but isn’t necessarily food motivated.