Central Fire Station gets the shingles

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Minden’s Central Fire Station on Sheppard Street is getting a new roof. The 10-year-old topper has reached its lifespan, and leaks have become an issue.

“It was not a 20-year plus roof,” said Fire Chief Brian Williams. “It was a short-term shingled roof. It should’ve lasted 15 but it didn’t quite make it.”

Williams said the fire department is taking the funds from their portion of the city’s operating budget.

“We received quotes for the roof from different vendors, and this roof is a 30-plus year roof and is going to cost us just a little over $20,000,” Williams said. “We are putting a higher grade shingle on it this time, so it will last longer.”

Williams said the lowest quote was a local company – Speer Roofing. It was expected to be finished Sunday.