LaMa Spotlight: Left at the dam

By Melanie Townsend

It was an early June morning when LaMa Animal Rescue received a call about an abandon dog hanging around the ranger station at Bodcau Dam. Jimmy Juckett and Evelyn June Colvin, two volunteers from LaMa, arrived at the site with food and water hoping to earn his trust. As they arrived, they saw a thin black dog sitting on a knoll in front of the ranger station, untrusting of people, he kept his distance. He was a beautiful boy, jet black, thin and probably very confused about why he had been dropped off and left there. It was apparent he had been someone’s dog at some point, but for whatever reason he was now left standing there eagerly looking fir his owner to come back and get him. 

 It would take perseverance, patience and three days to convenience Bodcau Blackie, as he was now called, that his rescuers meant him no harm.  On the 3rd day, Jimmy was able to pet him and progress began to build his trust. It would take almost a week and another LaMa volunteer to get him in the car and to the vet to be checked out.  Fortunately, Bodcau Blackie was heartworm negative and very healthy but unfortunately, all the foster homes with LaMa were full and there was no place for him to go so he was kept at the vet until a plan could be made. 

One of Bodcau Blackie’s original rescuers, who was not a previous foster, came forward and opened his home to take Blackie in. Having a soft spot in his heart for all the uncertainty he has been through, Jimmy Juckett decided to not only give Blackie a place to stay, he decided to give him a forever home.  The two are inseparable and Blackie has adapted very well to his new home and his favorite spot on the sofa. 

Not all rescue stories end this well, Bodcau Blackie was very lucky.  He was lucky he was found; lucky he was healthy and lucky he found a forever home.

 LaMa Animal Rescue volunteers answer the call for many abandon and hungry dogs and cats each day.  There are never enough foster homes and they are always busy raising funds to care for these forgotten souls just wanting to be loved.  Please open your hearts and homes to help in their ongoing efforts and please spay and neuter your pets. If you need assistance with vaccines or spay and neuter and are unable afford the cost, please contact LaMa Animal Rescue through their website.