Apaches skin ‘Kats

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Travis Chapman

Week two of the Glenbrook Apaches 2023 campaign opens with fans stacked up like cord wood nearly half a mile down Country Club Circle anxiously awaiting kickoff of the first home game of the season, against the 1-0 Bossier Bearkats. 

In a dominating performance, the Apaches secured a resounding 28-6 victory over the Bossier Bearkats. Easton Sanders showcased his prowess, completing 8 passes for an impressive 150 yards and a touchdown, while also adding a 15-yard rushing touchdown to his repertoire. Chase Sentell proved to be a force to be reckoned with, catching 3 passes for 96 yards and a touchdown, and rushing for 38 yards and another touchdown. Landry Powell contributed significantly, catching 2 passes for 26 yards and rushing an impressive 10 times for 70 yards and a touchdown.

Team captains Chase Sentell and Spencer Brantley elected for the Apaches to receive the opening kick. With the Apaches looking to build on their success from a big road win in week one, the offense came out firing on all cylinders. Easton Sanders converted a big 3rd down to Landry Powell keeping the opening drive alive. Sanders turns right back around and completes another pass to the tight-end, Garrett Brown for a gain of 17 yards, setting up Sanders to call his own number and scurry into the endzone for the first Apache touchdown of the night. The Apaches convert the 2-pt try giving them the lead, 8-0.

Despite a close call on an onside kick, the Apaches defense trots out in hopes to contain the Bearkats option quarterback who, in week one led them to a big come-from-behind victory over the North Caddo Titans. The Bearkats impose their will running the football behind their QB and tailback gashing the defense for 18 yards in just the first two plays. But the Apache defense stiffens up. Garrett Brown, Spencer Brantley, Seth Mangrum and Cade Vining combine for consecutive tackles for a loss forcing the Bearkats to punt.  The Apaches offense takes the field on their own 30-yard line and execute a beautiful screen pass to Chase Sentell that outruns every able-bodied sole in Webster Parish for a 70-yard touchdown, widening the lead to 14-0 with just 3:40 left in the first quarter.

With a heavy momentum the Apaches defense runs out to the Bearkat 42-yard line. The Bearkats run a reverse on the first play, but the Apaches defensive front wreaks havoc, forcing a fumble that sophomore Ryan Reagan eagerly pounces on, giving the Apaches the possession yet again, but the Beartkats cool the Apache offense from its smoking hot start. The Apache defense however, stood up and provided the fireworks. Seth Mangrum, in a Bo Jackson over-the-shoulder like play nearly intercepts the Bearkats QB on the ensuing possession as the football JUUUSSTTTTT slips out of his fingertips. A few plays later, Daivari Jackson steamrolled the offensive lineman and nearly picked off a screen pass. But the Bearkats kept clawing and reeled off a huge run with no one in sight between the running back and the stop sign at Braeburn Glen and Tanglewood, until Seth Mangrum continued his defensive highlight reel and made a touchdown saving tackle to help the Apaches retain the lead at halftime, 14-0. 

As the cult classic, “Regulate” by Warren G faded from the stadium speakers, the second half commenced with Bossier attempting to regain momentum, but the Apaches’ defense held firm, exemplified by Seth Mangrum’s relentless tackling. The offense executed plays with finesse, with Sanders and Sentell showcasing their chemistry for a crucial first down. In the same series, Brayson Cummings and Nolan Still opened a hole wide enough Moses could’ve lead the Israelites through, propelling Chase Sentell 35-yards down the field for an Apache touchdown run further extending the lead, though they couldn’t convert the 2-point attempt, making it 20-0. 

The Bearkats retaliated with a kickoff return for a touchdown, but were unable to convert the extra point, bringing the score to 20-6 in favor of the Apaches. The game continued with both teams battling, but the Apaches’ defense remained resolute. The Bearkats needed to convert a long 3rd down and a cab ride, to try and narrow the margin but senior Landry Powell nearly de-cleats a Bearkat in the backfield forcing another punt. 

This Apaches offensive possession brings a new look onto the field as Landry Powell directs the offense from the Wildcat formation. Powell makes the Bearkats pay as he reels off a 3rd grade math problem from Mrs. Lott’s class, 2 rushes for 18 yards. Powell and the offense continue to overpower the Bearkats defensive front as Powell blasts through left side behind his blockers for a 35-yard touchdown. Apaches completed the 2-pt conversion to Mangrum, yet again to extend their lead to 28-6

A standout moment came when Garret Brown’s interception secured the win for the Apaches, capping off a stellar performance by the entire team with well-deserved emphasis on the Swiss Army Knife that is Seth Mangrum. He finished the night with 9 solo tackles, and as many assisted tackles, 3 pass break-ups, reception on 2-pt conversions, punts of 46, 48, and 57 yards. He forevermore played with his hair on fire from start to finish. 

With this commanding victory, the Apaches showcased their strength as they defeat a 3A foe. The Apaches look to improve to 3-0 on the season as they will travel all the way over to the Mississippi River bottoms of Ferriday, LA for next week’s contest against Delta Charter at 7pm. Let’s pack the stands for our Apaches!!!


Photo by Emily Glasscock