Apaches calm the Storm

Photo by Allie King

By Travis Chapman

Ladies and gentlemen, it was another Friday night under the lights. This week the Apaches travelled clear across the state to the Mississippi River Delta that birthed the country music and piano playing legend, Jerry Lee Lewis. Glenbrook and Delta Charter fans were treated to a roller-coaster of a game, with momentum swinging dramatically in both directions. 

The Apache offense was the first to take the field, looking to expand the offense from a solid week two performance. The Apaches war cry donned a quick strike against the Storm calling the number of the big man, #73 Daivari Jackson rumbling, bumbling, stumbling boiling over the Storm defenders for his first touchdown from 5-yards out giving the Apaches an early 8-0 lead.  

The defense comes out charged from the quick score and forced the Storm punt of 48-yards pinning the Apaches deep into their own territory. Miscues on the hand-off caused a fumble that the Storm clouded and recovered. The Storm took over on the Apache 7-yard line, capitalizing on the turnover and marched it in for a quick score and 2 point conversion, tying the contest at 8 all with 5:56 left in the first quarter.

 The Apaches’ offense ran back out after the kickoff moving the ball at will until a costly penalty after converting a 3rd and long that rained on the Apaches parade forcing a punt. The Storm started brewing and took the top off the defense on a 3rd and long, converting a deep pass for a 68-yard touchdown. Giving the Storm the lead 16-8 with 2:33 left in the first quarter. The Apaches looked to get the passing game going but a deep pass from QB Easton Sanders dropped just past the outstretched fingers of WR Landry Powell that was a sure fire wide-open touchdown but ended with a turn over on downs.

The Storm blew all over the Apaches’ defense gashing them for big runs and milking the first half clock leading to yet another touchdown run by the big and athletic QB for the Storm to extend their lead. The Apaches trailed the Storm 24-8 with just 3:46 left in the first half. 

At this particular point in the game, attitude adjustments were handed out at will by Coach Reagan Smith. From that point, the Apaches rained fire upon the Storm. The Apaches fought back, with standout plays from Landry Powell as he beat the defensive backs and caught a 45-yard pass that set up the first of many touchdown runs of the night from Chase Sentell. Mr Sentell walked it in untouched behind exceptional blocking by Jackson Lott, Spencer Brantley and Nolan Still. The Apaches tightened the gap, trailing the Storm 24-16 with 2:49 left in the half. 

The next defensive series saw a reinvigorated Apaches defense with new rearends replaced by the ones Coach Smith gnawed off from the last Storm TD drive. The defense backed up the Storms advances that forced a pivotal interception and 35-yard return by Nick Kilgore, and gave the Apaches offense the ball on the Strom 30 yard line. The very next play, Moses parted the Storm and Sentell blazed down the field for another Apache touchdown tying the ball game again, 24-24 with just 2:15 left tin the half. 

The Apaches’ defense still showcased the new rearends and on the first play of the ensuing series forced a Storm fumble that a slew of Apaches dove on for the recovery. 

The Apaches’ offense took over with 2:05 left in the half. QB Easton Sanders went to work carving the Storm defenders with a completed pass of 35-yards to TE Garrett Brown for an Apache first down. The Storm defense stiffened and forced a 4th and manageable for the Apaches. Easton Sanders fooled the defense with his eyes to one side of the field while Chase Sentell ran free on the opposite side of the field and Sanders hit him with a beautifully thrown pass of 40-yards for Sentell’s THIRD touchdown of the night, giving the Apaches the lead again at 32-24 with 56 ticks left in the half. Yes, you read that right, Chase Sentell had 3 touchdowns in the first half. UNBELIEVABLE!!

The defense played incredibly on the next series as the Apaches’ Connor Williams made a “Sportscenter Top 10” interception that brought the first half to a close with the Apaches up on the Storm 32-24. 

As the second half kicked off, the Storm rained all over the Apaches as they drove the ball down the field completing a massive 3rd down conversion of 40-yards. They continued to pound the Apaches all the way down for another touchdown bringing the contest back to a tie at 32-32. 

The very first offensive touch for the Apaches had Chase Sentell running like the cops were chasing him for a 48-yard touchdown. If you’re still following along, that made TD #4 for Mr. Sentell. The Apaches regained the lead 40-32 with 7:40 left in the 3rd quarter. 

The Apaches would never look back or let the Storm cross the 35-yard line the rest of the contest. Mason Farnell and Jackson Lott made outstanding plays, moving the Storm backward forcing a third down and a cab ride. None other than, Chase Sentell intercepted a deep pass by the Storm QB and nearly returned it for a touchdown, but a block-in-the-back penalty backed the Apaches up. The very next play Landry Powell took a run through the 6-hole of the line and channeled his inner Walter Peyton de-cleating, walking over the chests of 3 defenders to get the Apaches down to the 1-yard line. The Apaches ran off tackle behind Garret Brown for touchdown numero cinco for Chase Sentell extending the Apache lead to 48-32 with 2:25 left in the third. 

The Storm offense came out and mustered everything they had moving the ball down the field eating up the clock the rest of the 3rd quarter. The Storm continued getting small yards starting the 4th quarter, but the Apaches gang tackled the Storm on 4th down to give the Apaches offense the ball back.

The Apaches’ offensive line, led by Jackson Lott and Daivari Jackson, demonstrated exceptional blocking skills, completely taking over the game allowing key players like Landry Powell to break through and make critical gains. Powell’s versatile performance, including a powerful run in the wildcat formation, setup full back Cade Vining to open a hole that Chase Sentell scurried through for a touchdown of 25 yards, giving him 6 touchdowns on the night propelling the Apaches further ahead, 55-32 with 2:25 left in the contest. 

The defense drove the Storm backward again that forced another turnover on downs giving the Apache offense the coveted victory formation on the Storm 4-yard line securing the Apaches dominate win, 55-32.  

Coach Smith praised his team’s tenacity, highlighting the impressive 48-6 run that turned the tide of the game. Coach Smith spoke about Delta Charter’s outstanding athletes and their big win against a major 4A team just a week prior. Coach Smith said the Apaches’ resilience and grit to come from behind and secure a win from a not-so-cleanly executed game is nothing short of spectacular.  

With this win, the Apaches move to an impressive 3-0 record for the season. Their ability to rally from a 24-8 deficit speaks volumes about the character, coachability and skill of this Glenbrook team, setting a strong foundation for the challenges ahead. Once Coach Smith provided his team with a brand new rearend, your Apaches played like their hair was on fire and their tails were catching!! As the season progresses, fans can expect more thrilling performances from this resilient squad. 

The Apaches head to the pines of Claiborne Parish next week to face off against the perennial powerhouse that is the Haynesville Golden Tornado at 7 p.m. Let’s pack the stands and show support for our Apaches!


Chase Sentell – Photo by Allie King