Warriors take down Lions 51-20

Journal Staff

Lakeside Warriors traveled to Plain Dealing Friday where they defeated the Lions handily 51-20.

Warriors coach Mike Santalices said his team was able to work on and improve some things this week, offensively and defensively.

“We still made a few mistakes and there are some kinks to work out,” he said. “We were playing a team that is a little down – their program is hurting a little bit – but it is what it is.”

Coach said his team was able to use the opportunity as a time and tool to get better.

“We opened up the passing game and once the quarterback (Brock Case)  could kind of breathe a little, he started making the right reads and connecting some routes and throwing touchdowns,” he said. “It was good seeing him get that under his belt.”

The Warriors scored six touchdowns on the night – 2 passing and 4 rushing. The second team came in and scored one of those.

“The defense did great, like the offense, they got out there and did what they were supposed to do,” Santalices said. “Even at that, we gave up a little bit on defense, but overall they (Lions) couldn’t do anything. I felt good coming away with that.”

Coach said Jordan Case did well as did his brother quarterback Brock Case.

“He connected on several passes, and ran the ball pretty decently when he had to run,” he said. “Tyron Riley had four catches with a touchdown and Cam Grigsby had one passing touchdown.”

Santalices said his team will play at home next week against Block (Jonesville).