Springhill council to address water increase at October 9 meeting

By Paige Nash

A motion was made at Springhill City Council meeting in September to increase water rates. According to councilman Derek Melancon, a motion to introduce is all that’s needed and needs no vote.

“This must be done a month before the actual ordinance is voted on,” Melancon said. “We won’t finalize our rates until our workshop. Then the ordinance will be drafted and voted on at the regular meeting October 9.”


Another discussion was held regarding hiring an engineering firm to begin the process of fixing the current flooding issues in the downtown area of the city.  

“There are two ways of looking at the drainage problem,” said Mayor Ray Huddleston. 

According to Huddleston he approached an engineering firm, Cothren, Graff and Smoak, out of Shreveport. The firm informed the mayor that they would charge $20,000 to survey and assess the issues before providing the city with an estimate on the cost of repair. 

The survey could take up to two months and then the company would present a plan of action to the council.  

Another option would be to hire locally.  

“If the council decides to, we could receive quotes from firms that do this kind of work,” said Huddleston. “Tim Smith, a local contractor, walked the area with myself and Councilman Melancon.” 

According to Smith, his suggestions to fix the flooding issue would cost approximately $35,000 and he could start within the next 30 days. 

“If this route is chosen by the council, more exact numbers would be offered and more quotes are required,” said Huddleston. 

A motion was made to go with the second option to open the job up for bids locally and use the $20,000 for the survey to be performed by Cothren, Graff and Smoak to instead go towards payment of the company that wins the bid on the job.