To make a difference, you don’t have to be rich, talented, beautiful or famous, you just have to CARE

By Melanie Townsend

LaMa Animal Rescue is a small group of local volunteers in Webster Parish working together to help the hundreds of hungry, abused and abandoned animals in our community.  Without this group of caring warriors, there would be in excess of 700 animals per year roaming the streets and backroads of our town and the surrounding towns.  There is an epidemic of animal overpopulation that has LaMa Rescue stretched thin. Requests come in daily to help those that are dumped or hungry or having babies. Some days their hearts are heavy as they cannot keep up with the need and there is no place to put the ones who are hoping to find help. With only about 20 foster homes and an average of 130 animals in their care at any given time, many have to be boarded at the local vet until a space opens up in one of the foster homes.  This increases their already high monthly cost and puts more burden on the fundraising efforts to keep on top of the expenses. 

LaMa is in desperate need of volunteers and there are ample ways to be of service to the community in this group. LaMa needs fosters! If you can provide a safe place for a short term or an extended term, if you have room for one animal or more, you are needed. Some animals need a place to recuperate after injury or treatments until they are healthy enough to make the trip up north to find a forever home. Some only need a few days until they can leave. 

If you are not able to foster, there are other ways to be a part of this compassionate group. There are many needs for assisting in the fundraising committee, the social media committee, assist with transporting animals to vet appointments, data entry, taking pet photos, grant writing and event help. Everyone counts and you can make the difference!

The compassion of a community is reflected the most in the eyes of those in need.

In a world where you can be anything, be KIND, be helpful, be a volunteer. 

Volunteers – Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can!

Please visit the website or contact a LaMa member to see how you can be of service to this devoted group and your community. There are animals waiting and hoping for help.