Contractor leaves Texas company; possible lawsuit still in the works

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A few weeks ago, a Houston, Texas-based company was in Minden talking with residents about joining in a Mass District Litigation lawsuit for damages incurred during the winter storm of February 2021.

An independent contractor with the company handed out forms that seemed questionable and pointed to a possible scam.

Marketing Director Paul Moore said he has seen the form, which was filled with incomplete and nonsensical sentences.

“I can tell you right now (the contractor) is no longer with us,” he said. “I took it to the appropriate channels that the form read like a scam, and we took swift and appropriate action. That is not what we want as the face of our company.”

Now, representatives with Texans Helping Texans want people to know that  person is no longer with their company, and they sincerely want to help those who need it.

Moore said rather than collecting $10 from those interested in participating in the lawsuit, the company pays “$10 for consideration for the assignment of their claim.”

“If we receive any monies, we divide it 50-50,” Moore said. 

The company’s website has the following description of what is expected of the signee.

“Assigning your claim means that you are selling Texans Helping Texans the right to sue for your loss. In exchange for 50 percent of the net proceeds, you agree not to pursue independent legal action on your claim and instead allow us to fight the legal battle,” the website declares.

“Assign your claim to CirclesX and we’ll work to help you recover up to half of your uninsured losses,” it continues. “CirclesX is a leading data firm with decades of expertise focused specifically on energy markets. Armed with mountains of high-grade data amassed through our patented technologies, we team with top legal experts to fight your claim. When you trust your claim to CirclesX, we pay all the legal costs on your behalf, and if a settlement is reached you get 50 percent of the net outcome. There is absolutely no risk to you, and you could get back a lot of the money that’s rightfully yours. There’s no out of pocket downside, only upside.”

Persons will need a copy of their city utility bill for February 2021 and must have experienced a power outage during that time.

“That’s all it takes,” Moore said. “There are no guarantees, but we feel confident in our approach.”

Minden Mayor Tommy Davis said there were no power outages reported in the City of Minden during the February 2021 winter storm.

“There were a lot of frozen pipes on the customers’ side of the water meter, but that’s it,” he said.

The Houston company got its start trying to help Texans because such a large portion was affected.

“Then we realized western Louisiana was affected, too,” Moore said.

Moore said he hopes the company will be coming back to Minden, but he is unsure when that will happen. Until then, those who believe they may be eligible to take part, can sign up online at

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